Learn SQL and
SQL Server

We will see the characteristics of SQL and relational databases. We will learn how to install and prepare the environment to begin our development proccess

Learning SQL
What does SQLearning offer?

In SQLearning we will learn in a didactic way,with replicable examples, the most important concepts of handling Transact-SQL, from the simplest one to the most advanced.

Why Transact-SQL and not SQL?

With Transact-SQL we will learn the entire SQL standard, plus the characteristics of said language (Stored Procedures, Triggers,...).

Why SQL Server as an alternative to ORACLE?

The answer largely depends on the needs of each user. However, from SQLearning we facilitate the learning of Transact-SQL since it is used more in small and medium-sized companies while ORACLE is more frequently used in large organizations.

Why is so important to learn SQL?

The use and handling of databases is present in innumerable applications and technologies, which makes SQL one of the most demanded programming languages today.

Who should learn SQL?

Any person who wants to work with data management (analysts, data scientists...), backend-fullstack developers, mobile application developers... In addition, SQL should be learned by anyone interested in the use and management of databases.

Can SQL be used in other programming languages?

Yes, SQL is often used externally from other programming languages. C, Java or Python are some examples.